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Harry Winston Jerome Grave

May 31, 2021

After joining the BCGS - British Columbia Genealogical Society last month, I had the opportunity to attend some meetings and network with other Genealogists in the community. I learned some new tips & tricks in organizing research as well as indexing ideas for our archives. In addition, I participated in a presentation about "The Loyalists" in the 1800's which was very fascinating.

I returned to our cemeteries of interest; North Vancouver Cemetery in particular and transcribed several more head stones which I have updated on our index. I was also able to photograph Harry Winston Jerome's headstone (Canadian track and field sprinter, Olympic Medalist) buried at Mountain View Cemetery and Jack Webster's headstone (Canadian journalist, radio, and television personality) buried at Capilano View Cemetery which are now listed on our Famous Graves page of our website.

As I have a particular interest in the settlers of Quebec, we have started a new index transcribing the 1871 Census of Canada, in St. Donat, Rimouski West where many of my ancestors lived. As this is a large index to undertake, I predict it will take some time to complete but I have added (96) names to the index this month and will continue adding to the list as I make progress.

Our most exciting news this month is the acquisition of several new clients for MACIAN Link, who have hired me to help them with research for their family trees. We were able to complete two contracts helping these new customers make connections to their ancestors with much success. We are very eager to continue on our journey as more referrals come to fruition as our specialty is sourcing facts through reliable documents and creating timelines for our subjects of interest to help better place them in relation to the scope we are investigating.

Matthew J. R. Schubert - Genealogist


April 30, 2021

MACIAN Link has been very busy this month updating our burial index for North Vancouver Cemetery in North Vancouver, British Columbia and Capilano View Cemetery in West Vancouver, British Columbia.

We completed several trips to both cemeteries in April, and we were able to photograph more than 250 memorials. We are in the process of transcribing each of these photos and adding them to our archives.

We strongly believe in the importance of this work for many reasons. Firstly, the opportunity to index the cemetery so families who are searching for them online can find them more easily, and second to document the head stone before time has its effect on the transcribing opportunities in the future.

We also invested some time in photographing local places in North Vancouver, British Columbia to further make connections to the history it holds. This work is also crucial in our quest to learn more about our ancestors and the places they may have been.

Lastly, we became a proud a member of BCGS - British Columbia Genealogical Society this month which is a great source for genealogical research in British Columbia. With 50+ years in operation and a wealth of information from the incredible contributions of their members, we are very excited to be apart of their organization.

Matthew J. R. Schubert - Genealogist


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