MACIAN Link offers a variety of services to help you with your genealogy research such as; complimentary consultations, research inquiries, basic reviews, guided research, ancestral charts, and more! 

min. 15-30 Mins

Contact us for a complimentary consultation to discuss your genealogy needs and establish what services we can offer to you. 

min. 2-4 Hours 

Our basic review includes a review of the materials you have put together doing your own family research. We read the materials and offer an opinion about what has been discovered so far and offer suggestions for your research moving forward.

min. 4+ Hours 

Our guided research package includes all of the activities in the basic review plus a research plan detailing a list of resources to seek out, and suggestions for how to best approach your family history project to meet your objective.


min. 8+ Hours

Our family tree package includes all of the activities in our guided research package plus a physical family group sheet and ancestral chart presented in PDF format.

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